Winter Season Activity

> Winter Season Activity


Biwako Valley Ski Resort

The most popular ski slope in Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe thanks to its superb view

Course Map

Novice course

Various parks

Feel nature

Snow Land

Create fun winter memories by having a sled or making a snowman.

Open hours:From operation start to completion
Price: Free
Location:Next to the ropeway summit station.

Rental Service

Visitors can choose from a variety of ski gear that’s easy-to-handle even for the novice as well as ski clothing to keep you happy all day long.

*Ski and snowboard sets cost the same.
It is possible to switch skis for snowboard and vice versa at the rental service support desk on the slope.
*Hats and gloves are sold in the shop at the base of the mountain.
*ID with birthdate is required to rent gear.
*Coin-operated lockers and changing rooms are located in the rental shop and ropeway station at the bottom of the mountain.

For 2021-22 Winter Season

■Ski set/ Snowboard set + Jacket & Pants

 Adult (13 and over)Child (Under 13)
Ski set/ Snowboard set + Jacket & Pants 1 day Afternoon (11:30~)1 day Afternoon (11:30~)


 Adult (13 and over)Child (Under 13)
Ski set1 day  Afternoon (11:30~)
1 day Afternoon (11:30~)
¥6,000 ¥5,500¥4,500¥4,000
Change items to Snowboard¥1,000


 Adult (13 and over)Child (Under 13)
Snowboard set1 day Afternoon (11:30~)1 day Afternoon (11:30~)
¥6,000 ¥5,500¥4,500¥4,000
Change items to Ski¥1,000

■Clothes & Accessories

 Adult ( 13 and over )Child (Under 13)
Jacket & Pants¥4,500¥3,500
Jacket only¥3,000¥2,500
Pants only¥3,000¥2,500
Snow Boots¥2,500¥2,000

* Toques, goggles and gloves for rent are NOT available. Those items are sold at the shops in the bottom station area.
* Customers need to show ID including the date of birth.
* Coin lockers and changing rooms are available at the bottom station and rental shop.


The ski school offers wide-ranging support for everyone from beginners to advanced skiers aiming to be experts.
Reception is on the 2nd floor of Ropeway Summit Station.

For first-time skiers

~To ensure a smooth day~ 
Flow of the day
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