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Summer Season

【Hours of Operation】
April 6th  to November 4th  2024
April-October 9:00-17:00.

November   9:30-16:30
※Operations might be closed due to inclement weather conditions.

【Parking Fees】

 CarMotor Bike (51cc over)Bus
1day (Weekdays)¥1,000¥500¥1,500
1day (Sat., Sun. Holidays and Peak season )¥2,000¥1,000¥3,000

■Peak Season  April 29th – May 7th / August 10th – 16th 2023



 Adult (13 and over)Age (7-12)Age (3-6)
Round Trip Ticket(April-October)¥3,500¥1,500¥1,000
 Adult (13 and over)Age (7-12)Age (3-6)
Round Trip Ticket(November)¥3,500¥1,500¥1,000

■Peak Season  April 29th – May 7th / August 10th – 16th 2023

Winter Season

【Hours of Operation】
December 9th 2023 to March 17th 2024
※The Ski Trails will be available from Dec. 23 2023.
 Date may be subject to change due to snow conditions.
8:30-16:30 (the last Up Line Ropeway 16:00 / Down Line Ropeway 17:00)

【Parking Fees】

Car ¥1,000
Bus ¥1,500
Motor Bike (51cc over) ¥500

【Ticket Fees】


 Round Trip Ticket
Adult (13 and over)¥3,500
Age (7-12)¥1,500
Age (3-6)¥1,000

※Lift tickets are not included.

■1 day Lift Ticket & Ropeway (Round Trip)

 WeekdaysSat.,Sun. and holidays
Adult (13 and over)¥6,300¥6,300
Age (7-12)¥4,700¥4,700
Age (3-6)¥2,600¥2,600

■Afternoon (12:00~) Lift Ticket & Ropeway (Round Trip)

  Weekdays Sat.,Sun. and holidays
Adult (13 and over) ¥4,300 ¥5,300
Age (7-12) ¥3,000 ¥3,500
Age (3-6) ¥2,000 ¥2,000


■Ski set/ Snowboard set + Jacket & Pants 

 Adult (13 and over)Child (Under 13)
Ski set/ Snowboard set + Jacket & Pants1 day Afternoon (11:30~)1 day  Afternoon (11:30~)

* Ski set/ Snowboard set + Jacket & Pants 


 Adult (13 and over)Child (Under 13)
Ski set1day Afternoon (11:30~)1day Afternoon (11:30~)
Change items to Snowboard¥1,000


 Adult (13 and over)Child ( 3 -12 )
Snowboard set1dayAfternoon (11:30~)1dayAfternoon (11:30~)
Change items to Ski¥1,000

■Clothes & Accessories

 Adult ( 13 and over )Child (Under 13)
Jacket & Pants¥4,500¥3,500
Jacket only¥3,000¥2,500
Pants only¥3,000¥2,500
 Helmet ¥1,500¥1,500
 Snow Boots¥2,500¥2,000

*Toques, goggles and gloves for rent are NOT available. Those items are sold at the shops in the bottom station area.
*Customers need to show ID including the date of birth.
*Coin lockers and changing rooms are available at the bottom station and rental Shop.

【Lesson Fees】

■Snowboarding school



The first bus will leave form JR Shiga Sta. after 9 AM when ski area is closed.

※ For more details, please click “View large map” above.

Address: 1547-1 Kido, Otsu, Shiga ,Japan〒520-0514