Biwako Valley

Visitor Information

Biwako Valley, a long-time favorite resort in the Kansai area, looks down onto Lake Biwa and is gently nestled between the massifs Mt. Uchimi (1,108 m) and Mt. Horai (1,174 m). Both mountaintops can be enjoyed by visitors to 2 spaces of The Biwako Terrace —The Main and Café 360.
The Main sprawls across the summit of Mt. Uchimi, while Café 360 offers leisurely space at the top of Mt. Horai. Each terrace has its own character and lets visitors fully enjoy the gorgeous scenery of Japan's biggest lake. The luxurious ambiance is befitting of a sophisticated mountaintop resort and delivers respite with a lasting impression.
The ropeway gondolas, with their panoramic windows, carry you from the bottom to the mountaintop station.

Biwako Terrace



  • - Days of operation
    Open all year round (except June 29- July 2, September 6-10 and November 24 - End of December, 2021)
  • - Hours of operation
    Weekdays 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
    Sat., Sun., holidays and August  9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • - Schedule
    Cars come every 15 min.
    *The gondola ride takes 5 min.
    *Hours are subject to change depending on the season.
  • - Fees (Round trip)
    Weekdays Adults: ¥3,000 7-12 years old: ¥1,500 3-6 years old: ¥1,000 Pets: ¥500
    Sat., Sun., holidays & Peak Season Adults: ¥3,500 7-12 years old: ¥1,500 3-6 years old: ¥1,000 Pets: ¥500

Horai Lift

  • - Days of operation
    April 24 - October 31, 2021
  • - Hours of operation
    Weekdays 10:00 AM - 4:15 PM
    Sat., Sun., holidays and August  9:30 AM - 4:15 PM

Uchimi Lift

  • - Days of operation
    April 24 - October 31, 2021
    *Sat., Sun. and holidays from April 24 to July 31 and from September 1 - October 31 only (Not available on weekdays)
    *Every day in August
  • - Hours of operation
    9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Parking Area

  • - Fees
    Weekdays: 1,000 yen
    Sat., Sun., holidays, & Long holidays: 2,000 yen
    *Visitors using the P9 parking area or below, please board our shuttle bus for access.
Parking MAP

Barrier-free Access

These facilities are not completely barrier free. In the parking area, if you speak to an attendant, you can be guided to a parking space close to the station. For the ropeway gondola boarding area, there are inclined paths that will help you access your ride to the summit. As for restroom facilities, there are large, private stalls, though somewhat limited in number.

Visitors with Pets

Many areas, such as the shuttle bus from the parking lot, the ropeway gondolas, and the Biwako Terrace, ask that you have your pet in a carrier. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please bring a carrier that completely conceals your pet. Please use the #1 Ropeway (Red color), when you are with your pet.

Please take note of the temperature difference

Biwako Terrace is at an elevation above 1,100 meters. The temperature drops 5-7℃ compared to the foot of the mountain and the summit is very refreshing in the summer. On windy days, the conditions can be brisk, so we recommend a jacket or other appropriate clothing.