About Have a relaxing time in Biwako Terrace located 1,100 meters above sea level
Just 5 minutes on the ropeway, you’ll reach the peak where stunning winter views await.
You can see the white field covered with deep snow and blue Lake Biwa spreading below your eyes.
Relax on the comfortable sofa in the warm café and enjoy this spectacular view with your family and friends.
The outside deck of Café is closed during the winter season due to the snow.

Cafe Enjoy Terrace Café menu that features local ingredients, such as gelato using milk from a local farm and fish fry made with local specialty Biwa Salmon. Menu

Access & Info

Biwako Terrace is located around the ropeway summit station of Biwako Valley.
[By Car]40 min.via Kosei Rd. from Kyoto Higashi I.C. of Meishin Expressway
[By Train]50 min from Kyoto Station or 80 min. from Osaka Station to Shiga of JR Kosai Line, the closest station to Biwako Valley.
Opening time of BiwakoTerrace Cafe & Ropeway
Weekday:8:30-17:00(Cafe 11:00-16:00)
Saturday, Sunday, Holiday 8:00-17:00(Cafe 10:30-16:30)
Riding Time (one way)
About 5min.
Fare (round trip)
Adult13+ 2,500yen / Age7-12 1,000yen / Age3-6 600yen
Parking : 500 yen (Ski Season:1,000 yen)
◎Admission free to Biwako Terrace
[Days Closed]
Dec. 11-27.2017 , Mar 19 – Apr. 26. 2018 (Entire Biwako Valley is closed)
[For visitors with dogs]
NO PETS in the ropeway during the winter season.
[For visitors with strollers]
You can take your strollers on the ropeway.
[For visitors using wheelchairs]
The ropeway is wheelchair accessible. Some areas at the top of the ropeway are barrier-free.
The Biwako Terrace doesn’t have a ramp for the wheelchair access. Please ask café staff for assistance.
[Operation under bad weather condition]
In bad weather, ropeway service may be suspended.